Screening for Tenants

We don’t take shortcuts to find a good tenant. Of course, we will take the legal application and run screening reports which will include credit, criminal and eviction reports. We will also contact the past landlords as well and I believe that is the most important. And not only do we contact the landlord we will verify that the addresses on the application matches the landlords information via tax records and credit reports. Its called the 6th sense or the bs detector.

But even beyond the typical tenant screening and background checks, we will evaluate rental applicants from a more holistic angle—paying attention not only to their financial credibility, but also their cleanliness and trustworthiness.

After all, being financially stable doesn’t make a rental candidate a surefire yes. Look at the big picture of a potential tenant; that includes info you won’t necessarily find on an application.

  • How long they’ll likely stay. We are wanting long term tenants
  • How well they treat their current home
  • Whether they’re polite or argumentative when being interviewed
  • How communicative they are, e.g., whether they respond immediately or several hours later


Of course, just remember that there’s a difference between aggressive tenant screening and discrimination. It goes without saying that expert property managers don’t practice the latter.

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Aaron Gordy