Indicators of a Strong Economy in Austin texas

Population Growth: 2.8 % Annual Growth the last 10 years and projected to be even more in the next 10 years

Job Growth: 3.3% in 2018. Adding 40,000 Jobs Annually

Company Relocations: Big announcements and Lease Signings such as Apple Expansion with $1 billion and 3 million square feet of space with expectations of 5000 employees, Google leasing 39 story building downtown 790,000 square feet, US Army Home of their Futures Command downtown, HEB World Class Tech Facility and Innovation Lab, Visa 135,000 Leased Space, Amazon 244,000 Leased Space, Indeed 491,000 Leased Space, Facebook 320,000 Leased Space, Oracle Construction of 420,000 Office Space Phase 2 and that is just a snapshot.

Unemployment Rate 2.7% July 2019

Unemployed Persons 33,200 as of June 2019

Unfilled Job Vacancies 48,900

We have more jobs than folks here to fill them. That said, all these large tech companies will be recruiting from elsewhere to fill the space. Austin Metro will continue to thrive for years to come. Yay!! Its the latest transformation of the city that has been growing since its very birth.

Yours Truly,

Aaron Gordy