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Income Producing Duplexes

For the folks interested in income producing duplexes in the Austin Texas Metro then one should click on the link below. Some are better than others. If you want a solid analysis on any income producing properties then please let us know.   Income producing Duplexes  

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Now Hiring We are always looking for good solid real estate agents. Looking for Downtown Agents/Locators (Austin) hide this posting ┬áCompensation: tbd but fair employment type: Commission Only The commissions downtown are huge. Some are paying 150% commissions for apartments. The prices for condos downtown vary from $165k to 5,750k. Its obvious that there is money…

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If you would be interested in receiving an absolutely wonderful monthly newsletter about the latest stats, deal making, property management stuff and all that jazz then please let us know. We try to be entertaining while providing on the ground news that should be enlightening. The topics covered will be deal making nuances, airbnb, apartment…

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