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Rebate for Leasing

Road Map to a Great Spot and a Rebate.

  1. You register and say “ I want my rebate and I want beautiful properties that fit my criteria of ………….”
  2. We respond by saying “Here are the properties that fit your criteria and credit and income etc.” Give us at least 24 hours to get back to you though, as we will have to do unparalleled extensive research for you. Think of this as talking to a Librarian and asking for information.
  3. You go check out the properties. Each time the leasing agent will ask about the referring source and please tell them that Vantage Residential Equity referred you. Out of all the properties that you see there was one that you thought was the bomb, we hope. You decide immediately to put down the money on the spot because you know in your heart that the apartment won’t be available too long at all. You happily write in Vantage Residential Equity as the referring source on the application.
  4. You go back home happy. Happy because you found a spot that accommodated you and its amazing!
  5. You email us with your selection because a) you are so thrilled that you tell everyone about your new place and b) You want that rebate.
  6. We write back and say that is the best news we have heard all day which it probably will be. We am glad that you are super happy. Yes we will mail you that rebate once we receive our money.
  7. Then we follow up at the end of the month just checking back in with you on the apartment. You can always opt out of this but we are always curious about the experiences for future clients. If you are curious about any other business within this site please reach out to us. Thanks in advance.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this please let us know.


Aaron Gordy
CEO and Broker