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3 bedroom 2 bath duplex with views of downtown for lease

  Newly remodeled. Amazingly unique property. Spacious. Bottom floor has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. 2nd floor has wide open kitchen, living room and a deck. The backyard is accessible from the second floor. Huge windows with views. Third floor is the master bedroom with bathroom. Big backyard has storage shed. Close to UT shuttle.…

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Austin Texas has a “Millennial” population of 523,490

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Austin is the third-best city nationally for recent college grads, according to a study from Only Fargo, N.D., and Lincoln, Neb., ranked higher. Texas’ capital city has seen its population nearly double in the last quarter century. It now boasts a millennial population of 523,490. Home of the University of…

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A Recent Purchase. We are keeping this one forever

Its a good one. We keep the good rental properties forever. We will keep you posted on the transformation on this property after we renovate it a bit.  Highest appreciating area in the city of Austin: 23%. Partnership deal. $400 cash flow. Return after refinancing: Infinite!

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Income Producing fourplexes

For those of you interested in fourplexes in the Travis and Williamson County. Of course some are better than others. We will be more than happy to provide an analysis of why one is better than the other.   Fourplexes in the Metro

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